Bruce Ferrell wrote:

Per olof Ljungmark wrote:
Bruce Ferrell wrote:
Per olof Ljungmark wrote:

We run 7-STABLE and apache22 with php5 serving pages from a webmail app

Randomly (as it seems at least), there is a 500 (Internal server error)
and a blank page is presented to the user like

[04/Jul/2009:15:19:37 +0200] "GET
/services/portal/sidebar.php?httpclient=1 HTTP/1.1" 500 -

There are no other messages in the logs, not even with LogLevel debug.
The problem has survived several both OS and port upgrades and I really
need to track this down now.

Question: What OS tools would be the best to further analyze this?
Someone with more exparience running this combo perhaps would know?

Thanks a lot!

I'd look in the Apache error_log

I've looked, as stated above. Even with LogLevel debug there is not a
trace. Likewise, I have E_ALL set in php.ini.

So, I need to dig deeper inte the workings of Apache with the aid of the
right tools.

You're not looking at an Apache problem, but a PHP problem. 500 is the
error code for a failed CGI script/program. Try executing the php from
the command line.  i.e. Go to where ever
/services/portal/sidebar.php is and execute:

 ./sidebar.php httpclient=1

See what, if any, errors are thrown that way.

PHP is notorious for not sending good errors into the logs or to STDERR.

You're right, I will see whatever logging I can squeeze out from the script handling. It's really annoying it's an intermittent problem...

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