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I discovered that in the HP Mini netbook FreeBSD 7.2 unfortunately does not recognize the Nic's either hard wired or Wlan. Anone know how to find what nics are in this HP MIni? There are no instructions about this with the unit. And I have had no help on the HP Forums.

Any body know how I can detect these chips under FreeBSD 7.2.

The command

        # pciconf -lv

should list you all the devices the kernel detects, no matter if
a driver is attached (means: will usually work then) or not.


Thank you...

Yes, that works and shows I have BCM4310 wireless controller.

I am new to wireless nic's .
How do I load the driver or set this to work under FreeBSD?

This FreeBSD is working from a Flash Drive USB using the 7.2 down load that Manolis made for us. The main drive has linux on it and it works with the wlan so I think it will work once I figure how to make FreeBSD see and use it.

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