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1) How do I find or set  PYTHON_DEFAULT_VERSION ?

It's defined in /usr/ports/Mk/ -- the default is 'python2.6'
since 2009-06-08.  If you want to use a non-default value you can override
the default by adding eg.:


to /etc/make.conf.  You can see what actual value value is used by issuing
the following command in any port that uses python:

happy-idiot-talk:...ports/graphics/py-cairo:% make -V PYTHON_DEFAULT_VERSION

Note that 'PYTHON_DEFAULT_VERSION' is the python version any add-on modules
will be compiled against.  The similar 'PYTHON_VERSION' variable indicates
which version of python you'ld get by running the command 'python'.  Please
read the descriptions at the top of for more detail.

2) What workaround would be needed in make.conf to get 2.5-hardwired ports
to use 2.6 instead ?

You can't do it that way.  Previously installed ports have to be modified to
use py26, as described in the 20090608 entry in /usr/ports/UPDATING:

 Once the installed Python has been updated to 2.6, by using the
 method above, it is required to run the upgrade-site-packages target in
 lang/python to assure that site-packages are made available to the new
 Python version.

 If using portupgrade:
 # cd /usr/ports/lang/python && make upgrade-site-packages

 If using portmaster:
 # cd /usr/ports/lang/python && make upgrade-site-packages -DUSE_PORTMASTER

 The portmaster case can take quite some time to complete due to the lack of
 cached information that the portupgrade suite uses (specifically pkg_which).
 This is not the fault of portmaster.



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