> But I have seen portupgrade something and then a subsequent run
>shows this port as being 'newer' than the version it's supposed to be. I've

portsdb -Fu runs `make fetchindex`, grabbing the INDEX* file from
whatever server you've told it to go to, and then rebuilds/updates the
portsdb from that.  So it's possible that with your csup you've
obtained a port that is newer than the one recorded in the INDEX*
file, when it was built on the remote server with an older ports tree
some time ago.  This is usually harmless.  If it causes problems, and
you can't wait for a fresh INDEX* file to be built remotely, or you
have a modified ports tree that departs from the usual one so much
that it makes sense to have your own INDEX*, then you can run "make
index" in /usr/ports, or wherever your PORTSDIR is, and then portsdb
-u.  This is usually a lengthy process, unless you've stripped out
large parts of your ports tree.

>also noticed a few times it seemed like it was upgrading the same version(s)
>over again. I just chalked this up to the ports system being in a state of

I've never seen this without an f,r, or R flag.  Out of curiosity, do
you remember the ports involved?

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