This message was earlier posted to freebsd-gnome, from where there was no response. I am consequently re-posting to freebsd-questions in hope of something better.

I had FreeBSD-7.2 on my system a few days back, but had to reinstall it afresh last week. In the new install, I did not install any packages from the distribution media. Instead I built everything from ports. The previous installation used gnome packages from the distribution media itself.

There is one problem that I faced with the old installation and am facing with the new installation as well. Upon startx, all font sizes (application, desktop, document, fixed, window title) are always one unit less (in size) compared to what they are set. The moment I right-click on the desktop and select 'Change desktop background', the font sizes get incremented to the correct values everywhere.

With the new installation, I am facing additional - and much more serious - problems, maybe on account of something I have missed.

1) Window applications which normally remember their size and position (eg, Nautilus) have lost this capability. Now I have to resize and reposition these windows each time I exec gnome-session from .xinitrc

2) Resizing/repositioning windows happens in slow, jittery movements with the display getting wavy till the window is dropped into its desired size/position

3) Scrolling up and down a window (eg in Firefox3, Nautilus) using the mouse or the scrollbar is painfully slow, with the display again getting highly wavy.

If anybody has any clue what could possibly be wrong with my setup, I would be grateful to find out what.

Thanks in advance

Manish Jain

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