Mel Flynn-2 wrote:
> I remember running KDE3 with firefox-1 on a P-III 900 with 256MB, FBSD 4.x
> and 
> window switching ('alt-tab') wasn't a joy, being in permanent swap. 


The key to running KDE3 with PIII is 512MB<=RAM I think. With 768MB RAM and
1400...@1300mhz PIII I'm not using swap at all (stripped KDE3/7.2-STABLE). 
I'm runnig opera-devel, firefox35 (fresh ports tree). If memory serves me
PIII 750/1000Mhz wasn't that bad either. Also, with 512MB it was swapping a
only when compiling something heavy. OO.o could be not usable tho. 

-best regards, 
Jakub Lach
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