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> Jason Garrett wrote:
>> >snip
>> I see you tried the zpool import and export, but did you perform `mkdir
>> /boot/zfs` directly before `zpool export tank && zpool import tank` ?
>> I just have to ask because I did not see that specified, and you mention
>> not being able to find zpool.cache. /boot/zfs is where zpool.cache hides
>> out.
> Yes I did.  However I figured out my problem.  I was chrooted into /dist
> and the zpool.cache was being written to /boot/zfs (as you mention).  But
> because of the chroot, when I checked /boot/zfs, I was *really* checking
> /dist/boot/zfs.  Thus my problem.  :)
> However I'm still having difficulty.  I suspect I don't have a /boot/loader
> that supports zfs filesystems as I just boot to the 'OK" prompt.  An 'lsdev'
> only shows BIOS devices but I've seen posts on the Net that indicate I
> should have zfs devices listed there too if I have a proper /boot/loader.
>  I've used the one from both 7.2-RELEASE.iso and 8.0-BETA1.iso but no luck.
>  Do you know of any way I can confirm or deny my suspicion?

I am in the same spot you are now. I started the process yesterday but had
to quit because it got too late. Apparently the few who have written these
guides have gotten it to work, but that still eludes me. I'll post back if I
get it working or have any new developments.

> Thanks,
> Drew
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