Mark Wallbank wrote:
OK I know this has probably been done to death by know and I keep
hitting the same problems with the methods I have tried to find on
google and I know I could just sacrifice a laptop and do a build to
create the image or do a net (pxe) install from another NIX serverbut
it does seem to be a bit over the top. Does any body know of an easy
way to create a bootable USB install media for 7.2 using either linux
or vista (or using an option from the install dvd). I have tried some
of the tricks from openBSD and linux to no avail.
Any help appreciated...
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If your asking how to put the cd1 install contents onto a usb stick and use the sysinstall program to perform the install on the target box then check the archive. It has a post with a script to convert the cd1 install disk to usb stick. But the show stopper is the sysinstall program does not have option for usb stick as install source. There was a bug report submitted 2 years ago pointing out this oversight, but as of 7.2 it has not been corrected. If you think the sysinstall program should have install source option for usb stick them file your own bug report. The more people who file bug reports the more attention this problem will get from the developers.

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