Howdy, folks.

I'm wishing, I am, to get an Epson Photo Stylus 1270 working on a USB
port. I know the connection is working due to output. However, the
output is not what I want. It's garbage.

I created a simple printcap entry by cloning an existing entry and
changing the parameters appropriately. However, I am not doing any
filtering before the signal goes on the wire to the printer. (It's been
a while since I last got this working under FBSD and Linux and I can't
remember what I did. In fact, I can't find my notes either which I'm
pretty good about keeping.)

So,..., when I print from GIMP I would get pages and pages of junk
rather than a graphic image. I setup the GIMP to print to appropriate
device (Epson Photo Stylus 1270), paper quality, print quality, etc. And
viola. Junk. Now I print to file and examine contents. Well, it's sure
not Postscript. I send this to the printer directly by copying it to the
USB port. Junk.

Okay, now I trying sending a plain text file to the device. Nothing. Now
I'm wondering if I should be filtering the output before sending it to
the printer.

You help, of course, if more than appreciated. It's invaluable.



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