> > > > Basically:
> > > > Update your source with cvsup
> > > > read /usr/src/UPDATING and follow any instructions required (I believe
> > > >   you'll need to manually create the relatively new sendmail users)
> > > > Reveiw you kernel config file to see if any options have changed since
> > > >   4.3
> > > > make buildkernel
> > > > make installkernel
> > > > reboot  >>> if the reboot doesn't go well, boot kernel.old and copy it to
> > > >              /kernel to get back to 4.3
> > > > make buildworld
> > > > make installworld
> >
> > Ok, I have cvsup'ped successfully, upon buildkernel I get:
> >
> > "Error: version of config does not match kernel!
> > config version = 400018, version required = 400019
> >
> > I understand that I am doing oposite of what the handbook says by
> > installing a new kernel first, but is there a way to get around the out of
> > date config problem so I can proceed in this 'backwards' approach?
> Not that I know of, and you've just started to uncover problems with
> doing things backwards. You really need to do the buildworld
> first. You can - in fact, should - leave the installworld until after
> the new kernel is booted.

Thanks greatly for the advice! I will attempt to do a buildworld now, and
I can actually understand why this is. I can also see that I *should* have
a backdoor prior to installworld.

In the meantime, I did (thankfully) find a 4.3 cd that the previous admin
had left (with no label or anything of course) and have installed it onto
a scrap unit. It is in cvsup mode right now, updating source.

I am going to gamble on the buildworld on my production amanda box first,
as this is at least not mission critical, and I can afford to lose this
one for a day.

Things are looking very hopeful for my first real attempt at upgrade, and
the things I am learning about the src structure and the way the FreeBSD
source tree works is great! I recently built a cvs server for my own
production, but now I actually understand cvs and branching at a whole new

Tks again for such great user support and for an OS that nothing can even
compare to. (Not to put down other BSD variants, because I have not used

Steve Bertrand

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