Michael David Crawford wrote:

I'm having a problem making myself clear to my domain name registrar's tech support.

I have set up djbdns on a couple of my own servers, and want them registered AS name servers with whoever handles such registration.

Most registrars allow one to just enter their hostnames and IPs and they take care of it automagically.

But my once-beloved registrar HJ Linnen just outsourced all their registration services to NameScout, and they haven't got a clue.

When I looked into it in my account page at NameScout, they said to email tech support, so I did.

And tech support replied with the end-user instructions for assigning name servers to the domains one has registered with them. That's not what I want.

What I have are two pairs in the following format: a.ns.example.com b.ns.example.com

I would like a domain to be able to set its name servers to be a.ns.example.com and b.ns.example.com, and then when that domain is resolved the lookup is delegated to either or

What is the process called, of registering such name servers? If I can tell NameScout support to do that for me, possibly they can get themselves a clue on my behalf.




You can use Dotster to register any server right from the web-interface. No people no nothing to deal with. Doesn't your registrar have that service?


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