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Not directly FreeBSD related, but how much of a chance is there that two
machines could communicate directly over 5,000 feet of cat5 with no
special hardware?

IIRC the classic ethernet problem limiting the distance between the
farthest points on a network had to do with timing and collisions. If
these two NICs are configured full duplex then it seems one would have
no idea how far away the other was due to timing issues.

No. Ethernet uses a protocol design called Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detect, or CSMA/CD. The maximum lengths are indeed related to timing and the timing is a direct result of the propagation delay in the medium. The velocity factor will be some percentage of the speed of light.

Since when does one have CSMA/CD when configured as full duplex? All full duplex ethernet connections are point to point, machine to machine, or machine to switch. There is no multiple access on full duplex. No chance of collision.

So I'm thinking at 5,000' the problem is one of echo cancelation and signal loss, not one of ethernet protocol.

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