> I may be wrong, but ...
> Do this order:
> make buildworld
> make buildkernel
> make installkernel
> reboot
> make installworld

I am going to attempt the above in order as stated. I have read UPDATING,
have the handbook open. One thing I am confused about: The next line after
my new text states that this should give me a new config. My understanding
is that buildworld will build the system, but not install it. Am I correct
in saying that if the world is not installed, then the new config will not
be installed either?


> This should get you an updated config program, while still giving you the
> safety of backing out if the new kernel doesn't boot.
> If I'm wrong on this point, please correct me.  But I don't see it being
> harmful to try. (as nothing actually gets installed until the 'make install*'
> stage)
> --
> Bill Moran
> Potential Technologies
> http://www.potentialtech.com

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