> > Option 2:  Put an ordinary DSL modem at one end and a DSLAM at the
> > other end.  Again I'm not sure what the range is, but DSL used to
> > be referred to as the solution for "the last mile" from the telco
> > to the customer so it may be up to the job.
> I could recommend this too,  because  a  "Lucent Stinger IP DSLAM"
> with
> 24 ports with 8 Mbit Downstream and 1 Mbit upstream cost arround 800
> US$
> and you can use inexpensive 2 wire (or multiple) telephone cable.
> The "Lucent Stinger IP DSLAM" support 8 Mbit in a distance of 6000ft
> and
> DSL lite with 384 kbit on 15000ft.

If T1/E1 speed is enough, there are cards working with FreeBSD. If the
CSU/DSU is on the card, I think you don't need extra equip and you have
a symmetrical line. Should be OK for some miles with ordinary field
telephone cable. You configure these cards almost like normal network
cards if you run IP over them.


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