Scot Hetzel wrote:
2009/7/17 Drew Tomlinson <>:
4. Install FreeBSD from copy of install CD to ZFS. I used sysinstall with
options (Install Root and Media Type)
I am stuck at this point.  I have my zpool mounted at /zpool in the FixIt
environment.  Then I exit FixIt and choose  "Custom" from sysinstall.  I set
appropriate  "Options".  Next I select my distributions.  Finally I hit
"Commit" but systinstall complains that I haven't labeled any disks.  What
step am I missing?

Just follow these steps to install FreeBSD from the Fixit environment:

Thanks. I followed those steps to get the system installed and the rest of the steps in Andrey's post.

I had one more issue before I got a full working system.  I had to add:


to /boot/loader.conf. Without that line, I got some error telling me to try 'set vfs.root.mountfrom.options=rw' and it left me at a "mountfrom>" prompt. But unfortunately, my USB keyboard didn't work at that prompt. Thus I rebooted from FixIt and added the line above. One more reboot and voila! ZFS on Root.

Thanks for all the help,


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