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I've recently set up a FreeBSD box for my father to replace his old 
windows stuff. Everything worked fine until i got to setup his scanner, a 
HP ScanJet 4100C. It is an USB scanner, and i can't get FreeBSD to 
recognize it :-(

The USB ports in the computer are working fine as far as i can tell. I can 
plugin a webcam in either port and it gets recognized both by the kernel 
and when executing usbdevs.

But when i plug in the scanner, usbdevs only reports "addr 0, should never 
happen!". After a short while, i get the error "uhub0: Device problem, 
disabling port X". When the scanner is plugged in during bootup, the 
kernel hangs for a few seconds after detecting the USB hub and then 
continues after printing the exact same message.

But, though i have since been unable to reproduce it, yesterday i got it 
recognized for a very brief moment. I plugged the scanner in and it 
correctly got recognized as an Hp ScanJet 4100C, and i even had a message 
that uscanner0 was assigned to it. A few seconds later, it stopped working 
again with "device problem".

I searched the web and some mailing list archives and found one message 
back from 2001 when someone reportet the exact same problem. The only 
reply he got was something along the lines of "FYI: My USB->serial 
converter does the exact same thing" .

I should mention that the same scanner works perfectly in windows, so the 
device itself can't be defect, nor the cables, power supply etc.

Can Anyone help me ? I am running 5.0-RELEASE on this box (recently 
cvsup'ed) and have compiled my own kernel with all necessary USB options. 
The behaviour was the same in 4.7-RELEASE, though... both with the 
respective GENERIC and my own kernels.

Any help/solution/workaround would be greatly appreciated, since my father 
NEEDS his scanner and i can't just swap it for another device. And i would 
HATE to revert back to a M$ solution.

Thank you very much in advance !

Please put me into the CC: line of any answer as i don't subscribe to this 
list. Tnx.

- -Robert

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                        -Benjamin Franklin

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