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> Since it has booted fine, you can also obtain the source from the SVN
> tree[1], assuming you can get devel/subversion to build on such an old
> version.

It's no problem to install cvsup-without-gui from ports or use
the csup utility (I think it was already present in 5.2) to use

        # make update

way from within /usr/src - with correctly setup supfiles, of
course, but that's quite easy.

Put this into /etc/make.conf:

        SUPFLAGS=-g -L 2

Or change the SUP line, if you've installed cvsup-without-gui to


Then create /etc/sup directory and create the following standard.sup
file (which controls what will be subject to update):

        *default host=cvsup.freebsd.org
        *default base=/var/db
        *default prefix=/usr
        *default release=cvs tag=RELENG_5_2_0
        *default delete use-rel-suffix
        *default compress

You can change cvsup.freebsd.org into a mirror near you. Check the
correct setting for RELENG_5_2_0 (equals 5.2-RELEASE, if I see this
correctly) or any other version you want to obtain (such as 5.2 with
security patches, latest of 5.x, generally latest).

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