Hi, after upgrading wine to 1.1.26 from ports, the library libjpeg.so.9 no 
longer exists, it was replaced by libjpeg.so.10.

The first problem I found was that icewm didn't loads, then I created a soft 
link to libjpeg.so. With this change, icewm loads, but icewmbg can't load 
because it needs libjpeg.so.9. This is the error message I receive when I try 
to load icewmbg:

icewmbg: using /home/martin/.icewm for private configuration files
Wrong JPEG library version: library is 70, caller expects 62
IMLIB ERROR: Cannot load image: /home/martin/wallpapers/Unix Desktop Wallpaper 
Pictures Unix Cyborg Technologies.jpg
All fallbacks failed.
icewmbg: Warning: Loading of image "/home/martin/wallpapers/Unix Desktop 
Wallpaper Pictures Unix Cyborg Technologies.jpg" failed

How can I install libjpeg.so.9?

Leonardo M. Ramé

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