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What rule, in what file should I set-up to have my mail sendmail mail
server duplicate all messages to another mail server?

I am in the proces sof setting-up a new mail server; in the meantime I
want all messages arriving to my current mail server under sendmail to
be duplicated to the new mail server (under postfix, for all it
matters); so the mailboxes are keept in sync.

How can I do that with sendmail?

I believe you should be able to do this with virtusertable.  You will need to
configure the new machine to accept e-mail using a distinct domain so the old
server  can route e-mail to it, and the new server would need to accept your
actual domain name for delivery too.

Then you need is a /etc/mail/virtusertable file with contents like so:

@your-domain.com        %...@new.your-domain.com
@your-domain.com        %

This should have the effect that e-mail for 'f...@your-domain.com' is
delivered to 'f...@new.your-domain.com' (your new mail server) and to
'foo' -- a local username on the old server.  This should only modify the
envelope addresses, not rewrite the headers in the message itself.

You might need to add

to your  $(hostname).mc file, but it should just work with the standard
freebsd.mc configuration, so long as 'your-domain.com' appears in /etc/mail/local-host-names. For more information see entries matching virtusertable in /usr/share/sendmail/cf/README

Alternately, if your back-end mail store is using IMAP, then you can use
imapsync (ports: mail/imapsync) to duplicate mail account contents from the
old server to the new one.



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