Scott Bennett wrote:
>      This is a curiousity question.  I'm running 7.2-STABLE at present on
> an old Inspiron XPS, which has a 3.4 GHz P4 Prescott CPU.  I have
> hyperthreading enabled in the kernel.  The question is:  is there any
> appreciable performance difference to be expected with this hardware setup
> between the ULE scheduler and the 4BSD scheduler?  Or does the fact that
> there is only one core eliminate any difference in performance
> characteristics?

I'd guess the second thing. It's not like there's cache to be shared
between cores, etc. ULE might still be better simply because it is more
modern. Anyway, all recent (7.1+) versions of FreeBSD ship with ULE as
default, and all FreeBSD versions < 7.0 have broken/unfinished ULE.

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