Thanks for the reply.

My server has a static IP ( that has no ports blocked. From my laptop client I can connect to and grab a full feed of all the newsgroups. What I'm trying to do is setup my own news server using as a peer. The error I get from my client when I connect to my local news server is: "No newsgroups found" even though I have the full list of newsgroups from installed. I haven't been able to find a how-to on the internet (The FreeBSDDiary has a workable how-to that only addresses a local news server) and the instructions listed on the isc-inn site don't seem to address my issue.

/var/log/messages show no errors that relate to inn*

Has anyone set up a n INN server on freebsd, successfuly?

Steve Bertrand wrote:
Tim Kellers wrote:
I've spent  couple of days getting /usr/ports/news/inn set up on a
dedicated server and most of the local features are working.  I've
loaded the newsgroups and the active files from, restarted the server and set up an
upstream peer  collect articles.
But my client claims I have no newsgroups installed.  Does anyone have a
hint on further configuration or can someone point me to a resource that
might clarify the steps to proper configuration?

I've no experience on configuring a news server, but perhaps it would
help if you could share your existing config that you believe works.

Perhaps your client is on a network that forbids direct access to port
NNTP. If your client is on a different network than the one you are
serving off of, perhaps port NNTP is being blocked or otherwise filtered.

${networks} sometimes filter/rate limit/block outright ports that they
*claim* to be overloading their network [0], but no proof has yet been
supplied. Some ${networks} say that specific ports/protocols that may be
used for illegal file sharing are to blame. [1].

Start by stating the *exact* error message your client is getting... if
you can extract such a thing from (him|her), then provide anything you
can find in your NNTP server logfile(s).


[1]: personally, I use uTorrent frequently to download/re-upload FreeBSD
releases, whitepapers, books and other legitimate content. If I was
throttled because I'm using a certain protocol to perform legitimate
tasks, I'd be PISSED

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