I've compared the versions of pom(6) on FreeBSD and NetBSD (which is
also the one installed on Debian GNU/Linux), and the NetBSD one accepts
a date argument. Why hasn't this version been imported into FreeBSD? I
can see nothing in terms of licensing (or anything else for that matter,
including a mailing list archive search for relevant issues) which would
prevent it from being directly imported, without any changes to anything
else in the build system. I've used it as a drop-in replacement on my
system without difficulty. I've also thought of making a separate port
of it, but it'd be much easier to just have it as part of the base
system (no, it's not installed by the freebsd-games port). For those who
are curious, the NetBSD version may be obtained at
ftp://{MIRROR_SITE_URL}/NetBSD/NetBSD-current/src/games/pom/pom.c .

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