Thanks for your reply!

I want to make the upgrade process as easy as possible, so I guess that I'll set up automated restart of daemons (unless you think it's a bad idea).

Is it okay to send a restart signal using AFTERINSTALL, or should the restart wait until after portmanager has updated all dependencies etc (= make a shell script)?


Matthew Seaman wrote:
Axel wrote:
Hello! I have a question concerning port upgrades.

mysql51-server stops automatically during upgrade (using portupgrade or portmanager), and is properly started again based on a AFTERINSTALL setting in pktools.conf.

So far, so good. But what about the other daemons that still seem to run after upgrade (Apache, Courier IMAP etc)? Are the new version running fine after the upgrade, or should I set AFTERINSTALL to do a restart of these daemons, to make sure they run the upgraded version?

No -- the sample AFTERINSTALL stuff in pkgtools.conf will run any RC
scripts the package installs to try and start those services.  This will
have no effect if:

   * The daemon is already running

   * There's no foo_enable="yes" setting in /etc/rc.conf or equivalent.

So daemons like mysql or slapd that get shutdown during the process of
updating the port will be restarted, but daemons like apache or snmpd
that don't get shutdown will still be running the old version and you'll
have to restart them manually, as you will have to configure and start
anything newly installed.


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