One would think that ISO 8601 date strings would make more sense, in
addition not being language dependent. But I guess that's out.

Thanks anyway!

On 7/26/09, Dan Nelson <> wrote:
> In the last episode (Jul 26), Modulok said:
>> Is it possible (without patching source) to change the date format
>> that syslog spits out into the log files? If so, how? The manual page
>> makes no mention of it.
> No, if you want to change it you'd have to edit the source.  Note that the
> current date format matches RFC 3164, so if you change it, you risk breaking
> any parsing program that tries to read the logfiles, and if you forward
> those messages to another machine, they won't recognise your timestamp and
> will probably add another timestamp to the line.
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