Hello !
I tried to install FreeBSD on my computer, but I failed in the worst way I could: I didn't take serious your advise to back-up my data...
Well, I tried to install FreeBSD on a partition on my IDE drive. I must say that I had 4 partitions on a harddrive with 20GB. I used fdimage to make the two floppies (kern.flp and mfsroot.flp). I started the intallation process with kern.flp, then with mfsroot.flp and I entered in sysinstall. I begun a standard installation and I created a slice (after I made unused a DOS partition). Then I installed the FreeBSD boot manager (this is the only thing working know) and I tried to install the minimal distributions from a DOS partition. I downloaded from ftp server the entire subdirectory "base" from the 5.0 release directory and I copied into C:\FreeBSD. The installation ended soon with this message:
"Error mounting /dev/ad0s3 on /dist: operation not supported by device(19)"
After I clicked on OK buton, another message appeared:
"Unable to initialize selected media. Would you like to adjust your media configuration and try again?"
Another thing: the first kernel configuration menu did not appear; that's why I did not configured any of the drivers.
My questions are:
"What should I do ?"
"Is there a list with all the files (and what are they doing) and directories needed for installation?" - I must say that all the documentation (the handbook) I downloaded is gone...and I'm using just a dial-up connection.
Thanks in advance.
Mihai Mateescu

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