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2009/7/27 Mikel King <mikel.k...@olivent.com>:
Anyone know of a good tutorial for making a system on a USB key in limited space? I have a project that requires enough of running system with lighttpd and php5 to do some network magick. I would like to keep the thing below 512MB but if that is not feasible then I'll shoot for whatever the smallest
I can get away with.

Thanks, in advance.


I'm going to try to answer your question rather than tell you you're
wrong. It's possible, and not difficult.

Option 1) I'm pretty sure a default install of FreeBSD covers a little
less than 640 MB; have you just tried that?

[ch...@amnesiac]/usr% df -h /
Filesystem     Size    Used   Avail Capacity  Mounted on
/dev/ad0s1a    421M    203M    185M    52%    /
[ch...@amnesiac]/usr% du -hc /boot/xboxkern.0/
112M    /boot/xboxkern.0/
112M    total
[ch...@amnesiac]/usr% du -hc bin include lib sbin share games libdata


292M    share/doc


428M    total

So, excluding /usr/share/doc, and /boot/xboxkern.0 (a leftover from
when amnesiac was an xbox), my install with no ports etc is
~203-112=91MB for /, 428-292=136MB for /usr, plus /var and /tmp (both
minimal if properly managed and trimmed) makes <~250 MB; way less than
the 500 MB specified. You could probably even install Apache on that!

If I've missed anything glaringly obvious, please correct me someone....

Option 2) Try http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en/articles/nanobsd/ index.html



Thank you for your detailed answer. Most appreciated as is the URL to nanobsd so that I can RTFM...


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