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Recruiting Coordinator

Dear Recruiter: 

Sub: Application for Internship

I have a strong interest in internship position in your organization having worked 
in the areas of Systems Programming, Network Programming and Applications Development. 
I have two years of work experience in these areas. It will be a good opportunity 
for me to contribute to the area of software development with my strong skill 
set and work experience and will give me exposure to the professional world. 

Your position requires strong programming skills in C/C++. I have a strong two 
years experience working in the areas of systems programming in C and Unix internals. 
My experience as a software consultant at Tata Research and Development labs 
gave me exposure to advanced programming skills in socket level programming, 
inter process communication and multi processing etc. Currently I am perusing 
my Masters degree at University of Texas at Arlington and I am planning to graduate 
by Spring 2004. 

I am very interested in this position as I have the needed combination of advanced 
degrees and experiences, required for this position. I would appreciate an opportunity 
to meet with you to discuss how my experience and academics will best meet your 
needs. Attached here is my Resume for you reference. Looking forward to a positive 

Thank You. 

Gaurav Singhal
400 S Oak Street, # 110,                                                    [EMAIL 
Arlington, TX – 76010                                                  Phone No. 

Challenging internship position in software development where skills and abilities can 
be used to design, analyze, implement plan and manage large software projects.

* Masters in Computer Science, Expected Graduation  May 2004
    University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, Texas
* Advanced Post Graduate Diploma in S/W Technology, May 2001
National Center for Software Technology, Mumbai, India 
* Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, May 2000, GPA – 3.6/4.0
Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar, India 

Network Programming, Advanced Algorithms, Advanced Operating Systems, E-Commerce, 
Computer Networks, Web Technology, Programming Paradigms, Artificial Intelligence, and 
Pervasive Computing etc.

* Operating Systems:    Linux, Sun Solaris, UNIX, Windows NT/98/2000                   
* Languages:            C/C++ 
* Databases:                    Sybase, Oracle/Developer2000, Ms Access, SQL
* Web Programming:      HTML, ASP, Java Scripts, XML
* Debugging/ Optimizing Tools:  Purify, dbx, Workshop, Quantify, Pure Coverage
* Software Packages:            MS-Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access
* Concepts:             System Programming, UNIX Internals, Multi-Threading, IPC’s 
                                                Shared memories, Message Queues, 
Network & Socket level
                                                Programming (TCP/IP) in UNIX, Mobile 
Computing, Pervasive 

    Parking Prototype 
    - Designed and developed a Parking prototype which is a part of the research in 
Pervasive Computing currently going at the University of Texas at Arlington.

* Software Consultant, August 2000 – July 2002
Tata Power Research & Development Laboratories, Mumbai, India   
- Worked on the development of an  Advanced Electronic Warfare system ‘Samyukta’ for 
Indian Army. It is an advanced communication system and is implemented in ‘C’ on Sun 
Solaris & UNIX platform, using Sybase as the database using the hardware of Sun Sparc 
Workstations. I was exposed to the concepts of UNIX Sockets for Networking, Message 
Queues and Shared Memories for IPC’s and Threads for multi-tasking along with other 
internal features of UNIX.

             Available on request

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