On Wed, 29 Jul 2009, Doug Barton wrote:

Dan Mahoney, System Admin wrote:

I believe Mel is right here. 'make clean ; make config ; make' worked
for me.

As does a second make after getting this error, but it's nonintuitive,
and probably a ports bug.

I'm not sure why 'make clean' is nonintuitive in the context of
changing OPTIONS. What is your expectation of how it should work?

The fact that the error occurs AT ALL is the bug and what is counterintuitive, and many people would not think to try typing "make" again, and instead would just assume the thing's broken.

(See previously referenced email)

Make clean isn't solving the problem, but I can see how you're getting that thought. The problem only occurs on a virgin, untouched, un-configged port.

The solution to the problem in this case is to just re-run make. There's nothing to CLEAN, since you haven't made yet.

The reason it seems like make clean fixes it may also because make clean does not do a make rmconfig: when I do an rmconfig I can successfully duplicate this problem, however:

Running make config then make: fine
Running just make, with no config: this error.



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