On 7/30/09, PJ <af.gour...@videotron.ca> wrote:
> What can be done to access a file system that seems to have the boot
> sector screwed up?
> The /usr files should be ok but how to access?
> I get errors that the file system is full and I have no idea of how to
> deal with the boot up - the help message is no help!
> Boot says it cannot find a kernel... surely there must be some kind of
> recovery process even if nothing has been backed up. Surely FreeBSD must
> be have something that functions like certain software does on MS ?
> I don't have a problem with irrecoverable files, I would just finally
> understand how things work and what can be done on FBSD.
> TIA.
> PJ

That's when the livefs comes to the rescue -- if you cannot boot at all

Otherwise single-user boot works most of the time
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