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> Thanks for replying Roland,
> I've been struggling with upgrading 7.0 to 7.2... it has taken a lot of
> my time and I am still not happy.
> Anyway... back to the messed up 7.1 installation.
> I ran livefs 7.1 and chose option 6 (I think; it was the last on the
> list) and I got the boot cursor (I think) ... 

Don't do that. Just wait and let the system boot, or choose 1, which
amounts to the same. Then choose your country and keyboard settings from
the menus you are presented with.

Next, you come into the sysinstall main menu. Choose "Fixit", and in the
next menu choose "2 CDROM/DVD". Now you enter the standard 'sh'. If you
want, type 'tcsh' to start the C shell. I find that more convenient
because it uses tab completion for commands and files. You can now use
all the commands that are available in the base system.

No go back to my previous message and see what if anything is wrong with
your disk partitions.

> cd devices:
>   cd0: Device 0x1
> disk devices:
>   disk0: BIOS drive a:
>   disk1: BIOS drive C:
>     disk1s1: Unknown fs: 0x7 (I think this must be ntfs ? but ? )
>   disk2: BIOS drive D:
>   disk3: BIOS drive E:
>     disk3s1a: FFS
>     disk3s1b: swap
>     disk3s1d: FFS
>     disk3s1e: FFS
>     disk3s1f: FFS

Do you have a dual boot installation with FreeBSD on a second drive?

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