Hi, I've migrated from linux to freebsd few days ago,
but now I have an important problem. I use FREEBSD 5

The problem is:
In linux ,before deleting the partitions, I've stored
all my datas in an EXT3 partitions , in order to copy
these datas later on the UFS Slice. After the
installation of BSD I've recompiled the kernel and
added the "options EXT2FS" option . Now when I try to
mount the EXT3 partition appears the message
"/dev/ad0s2 : Invalid argument" ??? Why? In the
console appears (written in white) "mount_ext2fs :
Unable to mount bla bla bla due to an unsupported
feature " I've thought immediatly that the unsupported
feature was the journal, can be it?

Thanks for help 


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