A long time back, I had reported getting AP#1 on Phy#1 error messages and boot failure on my amd64 system. After many tests, I am convinced the problem occurs only if a USB mouse is plugged in at boot-time.

A few days back, I finally got a USB-to-PS2 converter and hooked my mouse into a PS2 port, with USB mouse support disabled in the BIOS. I've never had this problem since then. So it's pretty certain that the USB mouse was the source of the boot-failures.

Since Windows never had any boot problems with the USB mouse, I think this might be an issue for the FreeBSD kernel developers.

If this helps anyone or clears any doubts, I can only be glad.

(NB : I also have a report from a friend of mine using amd64 with debian-5.02 that debian has pretty much the same problem. He has taken my advice and is now hooking the mouse into the PS/2 port with good results).

Thank you&
Manish Jain

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