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> > That's easy.  Just press <Ctrl>+<Q> and it'll close Firefox immediately.
> Negative for firefox-,1 (on my desktop system) - no Ctrl+Q. :-)

I don't remember that capability lacking in Firefox 2, but it has been a
little while since I've used it, so I don't really know for sure.

You should be able to close it at least by pressing <Ctrl>+<W> once per
open tab.  That's a keyboard shortcut that closes the current tab, and if
you do that when there's only one tab open, that should close the browser
(but only if you have it configured to close the browser when closing the
last tab).  I think the relevant configuration option in the about:config
window is:


I'm pretty sure I was able to close Firefox with a keyboard shortcut back
when I used Firefox 2, but I don't remember how.  I guess you're on your
own, unless someone else here uses Firefox 2 and can help you out.

Does <Alt>+<F4> work for you?  That's probably dependent on your choice
of window manager.

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