I need to create a FreeBSD installation on an SSD drive (connected via a
USB adaptor), and would like to do so manually so as to avoid the use of
an installation CD, PXE or sysinstall.

1.      When creating an /etc/fstab file, does the order in which entries
        appear have any significance?   I've noticed that when using
        sysinstall approach, the entries appear in the following order:

        # Device       Mountpoint   FStype  Options  Dump  Pass#
        /dev/ad0s1b    none         swap    sw       0     0
        /dev/ad0s1a    /            ufs     rw       1     1
        /dev/ad0s1e    /tmp         ufs     rw       2     2
        /dev/ad0s1f    /usr         ufs     rw       2     2
        /dev/ad0s1d    /var         ufs     rw       2     2

        Would a device alphabetical order (as used by bsdlabel) work?

2.      I don't expect the system to swap, so can I dispense with a swap entry
        and have everything function normally (no error messages, etc.)?

3.      Will adding `noatime' to / or any other filesystem have any
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