Is there a way to get freebsd-update to keep userland sources up to date?

I had thought that having src, world and kernel as components in the freebsd-update.conf file would do this but it doesn't seem to. Do I just add usr.bin and usr.sbin to the components list in the conf file and run freebsd-update or is it more complex than this? I have read the man pages on this but there must be a gap between my english and how the man pages are written because I'm obviously missing the point somewhere.

By way of background, I am trying not to use csup / cvsup and like processes as their past, admittedly incorrect, usage by me, combined with my incompetent salvage operations, has hosed my systems to the point of needing to be reinstalled from scratch. I have been using a combination of portsnap and freebsd-update to keep my 7.2-RELEASE system up to date and commenced this at about 6.3-RELEASE and have managed to not hose the system since that time. It now however appears I need to have userland sources to keep fusefs-kmod up to date.

/usr/ports/sysutils/fusefs-kmod>make install clean
===> fusefs-kmod-0.3.9.p1.20080208_6 requires the userland sources to be installed. Set SRC_BASE if it is not in /usr/src.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/sysutils/fusefs-kmod.

<snip from Makefile>
.if !exists(${SRC_BASE}/sbin/mount)
IGNORE= requires the userland sources to be installed. Set SRC_BASE if it is not in /usr/src
<snip from Makefile>

I have got around this by manually downloading the fusefs- kmod-0.3.9.p1.20080208_6.tbz, pkg_adding it, and then forcing the packages that have this pkg as a dependency to portupgrade with the -f option. Now portupgrade hits this pkg warning message (IGNORE msg) everytime it runs.


Tom Mende

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