Hello Gary,

   Due to what I've read about ntop - it is not really what I need.

   I dont have any Cisco routers, nor switches with port-mirroring - so I
   c= ould not collect any traffic. I have only 2 freebsd routers - and
   need to k= now - when the outgoing channel of first gets overflowed
   and I need to redi= rect outgoing traffic to second

   Monday, August 3, 2009, 4:55:00 AM, you wrote:


   almost any NIC / OS will support SNMP MIB-II counter= s, which
   includes octets Tx and Rx. MANY tools available for "getting" snmp   mib 

   If you want util AND details on IP, ports, etc. - ch= eck out nTop.org

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   Subject: Analyze load of the channel to Internet

   Hello everybody...

   Need to view and get real-time reporting of outgoing= channel to

   I think, that this is may be realized by means of ip= fw (e.g. - get

   of count rules for Internet and divide them to time,= which passed


   But, maybe, there is an utility, to which I can comm= unicate (or
   which could

   analyze) my outgoing channel to Internet - and repor= t me (mean some

   redirection script) when an outgoing channel gets ov= erflowed, and I
   need to

   redirect all other outgoing traffic to another chann= el.

   I would like to clear: I have to channels for Intern= et, meaned for

   club - but I don't have enough finance to afford buy= ing some Cisco

   and this 2 channel are 512 kilobits and 768 kilobits= of outgoing

   Please, help


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