pure-ftpd supports TLS/SSL.

I am wondering if it can do this.

I was curious about the OP's use of 'ftps" too. Perhaps, he could
explain what plain-old-ftp doesn't do and what he wants it to do.

Plain old FTP transfers username/password pairs in plaintext over the internet, 
as well as the actual content, which is a security hole. sftp - the file 
transfer protocol included in SSH suite has been more than adequate replacement 
for my needs as the traffic is encrypted and there is no need for firewall 
trickery in order to get the separate data/control connections going.

Said that, I'd just use sftp, there are free text based and graphical clients 
available and for the end user it handles just like regular ftp, with added 
bonuses like using keys for authentication etc.

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