I have lived with this for quite a while, but now that I would like to get
some of my bind logs, I had to ask.

Last summer, I managed to get BIND 9 running in a jail, (howto I generated
is here: http://ww3.northnetworks.ca/docs/named_jail).

It works perfectly fine, but there is no logging taking place. I have fed
syslogd the following in rc.conf:

#syslogd_flags="-s -l /chroot/named/dev/log"

I did not make any changes to syslogd.conf.

but the file has never grown past 0 bytes in size. I do get
some named messages in the messages log, despite having the following in
my named.conf:

        logging {
          channel default_syslog {
             syslog daemon;       # send to syslog's daemon facility
             severity notice;       # only send priority info and higher

Again, I have lived with it like this so it is not critical, but it makes
it very difficult to debug testing on the server.



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