My zfs only system works fine but it based on 8-beta2 built around 16 May(
will be rebuilding soon)

The main thing to remember to do it make sure your have
zfs_loader_support="yes" in your src of make.conf

I based my install on this howto

If you dont want to go for current in theory if you install the boot blocks
and loader from current onto the disk you should be able to boot into 7.2 I
havent tested this though

On thing I would advise though is don't install the root partition in the
root of the zpool

I have mine like this

system                                68.1G  74.6G    21K  /system
system/home                           59.3G  74.6G  59.3G  /home
system/local-old                       952M  74.6G   952M  /system/local-old
system/root                              4G  77.1G  1.53G  legacy
system/scripts                          20K  74.6G    20K
system/tmp                              31K  4.00G    31K  /tmp
system/usr-local                       396M  74.6G   324M  /usr/local
system/usr-obj                        1.85G  74.6G  1.65G  /usr/obj
system/usr-ports                       193M  74.6G   185M  /usr/ports
system/usr-ports/distfiles            8.53M  74.6G  8.53M
system/usr-src                         499M  74.6G   303M  /usr/src
system/var                            1014M  74.6G   776M  /var
system/var/log                         192M  74.6G   192M  /var/log
system/var/mysql                      46.4M  74.6G  46.4M  /var/db/mysql

I did it like this as it is more like an opensolaris setup. If i wanted to
say run a new os build I could say install it on a new zfs fs called say
root_YYYYMMDD which would be a clone of the original root. I could then flip
flop between these installations by resetinng the bootfs option of the pool
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