On 8/4/09, Glen Barber <glen.j.bar...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> _7_2_0_RELEASE
>>>Should be RELENG.  Don't blindly follow how-tos.
>> RELENG_7_2_0_RELEASE is a valid tag.  Don't make pronouncements if you
>> haven't verified them.
> He has _7_2_0_RELEASE, not RELENG_7_0_2_RELEASE.

Well, neither actually.  :)   s/0_2/2_0/  .  But I inferred from the
context  -- it seemed obvious, particularly from what he wrote later
-- that he meant those choices as suffixes to RELENG, which he omitted
for the sake of brevity.  I assumed you also made this inference.


Mel Flynn wrote:
>And for developers or interesting parties, one can create cvs diff using
>-rRELENG_7_2_BP -rRELENG_7_2_RELEASE to see how many fixes hit the tree during
>the final release stage.

How many "interesting parties" have you been to, Mel, where such a
listing came in handy? ;)
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