On Tue, Aug 04, 2009 at 12:16:56PM -0700, Gary Kline wrote:
>       Until late Sunday night I was here at keyboard/computer virtually
>       24/7 working on thesis.  So was my advisor, but then that's his
>       *job*.  Anyway, now it's wait and see.

Good luck!

>       Meanwhile: how do I get rid of a truckload of old binaries that I
>       rarely/never use?  Most show a list of dependencies that's about
>       70 lines long, and I don't want to break things.
>       --To give a ferinstance, last spring I installed every OCR port
>       we've got.  Not came close; all can go.

What you can do is make a list of all installed ports with 
  portmaster -L >ports.list

Looking through this list, you'll see four categories;
- Root ports (No dependencies, not depended on)
- Trunk ports (No dependencies, are depended on)
- Branch ports (Have dependencies, are depended on)
- Leaf ports (Have dependencies, not depended on)

Basically, you can delete any of the leaf and root ports, because
they're not depended on. E.g. if you have the following in your list as
a leaf port:
  ===>>> qemu-0.10.6
you can execute 'pkg_delete -d qemu-0.10.6' as root, and it is gone.

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