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Glen Barber <> wrote:
On Mon, Aug 3, 2009 at 5:16 PM, Joel Dahl<> wrote:
[snip description of network flakiness on one server, out
 of several on the same switch behind the same gateway]

Any ideas? :-)

I have 2:
1.) Bad NIC
2.) Bad CPU
3.  Bad cable from NIC to switch
4.  Bad switch port

These may not be all that likely, but they're easy to test if
you have even a marginally-competent tech available at the site.

I had similar behavior about a years ago.  I also had a not very frequent(
< once a week) sporadic reboot issue during it.  I replaced the RAM and it's
not had the issue anymore.  I may have rebuilt world too...

The on-site techs ran the Dell diagnostics tests and the Broadcom test (for the NIC) but was unable to find any hw errors.

So, they finally replaced the cable and connected it to another switch port.

And now everything seems to be working. I've been doing some tests for a few hours, but I can't get the machine to crap out again. Looking good so far... :-)

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