I am get lockup on my bsd machine. I took out a working bsd bootable HD
and put it in my new AMD XP 2100+ machine. It booted fine the first time
but after a while i got the following errors.

ad0: WRITE command timeout tag=0 serv=0 : resetting
ata0: resetting devices .. ata0-slave:
ATA identify retries exceeded

ASUS A7N8X, supports up to : ATA 133
AMD XP 2100+

WD300BB Hard drive, ad0
note: primary master, only drive on the chain, 30 gig drive, 7200 rpm

synopsis after reading the mailing list archives:
I may have DMA enabled on the drive when the drive does not support it.
is this a bios setting that i need to make or do i need the following change?


I may have a 40 conductor ribbon cable instead of an 80 pin cable.
is the conductor value printed on the ide cable?

is there anything else that i can do to avoid these errors?


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