On Wednesday 05 August 2009 07:02:18 Ilya Shpan'kov wrote:

> I work in Opera Software - yes, we make a proprietary browser ;)
> Last 7 years I use GNU/Linux and know that, for example, in Russia the
> Opera browser is very popular in BSD Community. Well, there is a
> question: whether Opera is included to your distro and if not - how we can
> fix this problem? We are ready for any discussions, technical help or
> agreement, if necessary.

Well, we can start to agree that FreeBSD is not a "distro", but a UNIX 
operating system. :)
Opera is available in the ports system as 3rd party software made to work on 
FreeBSD. There are 3 opera ports, which you can view here:
http://www.freshports.org/www/linux-opera (through linux emulation)

There are no issues I'm aware of, that's specific to the FreeBSD/Opera 
combination (no flash support is an issue with Adobe, not Opera and I got one 
bugreport in the queue, that I'm also not sure is FreeBSD specific, more 
built-in torrent application specific).
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