Glen Barber wrote:

my pc gets ip address from dhcp server,
but on my pc, there is running

I want to make ssh to listen to only one
ip address, but if ip changes due to dhcp,
ssh server do not work properly.

I know, that dhcp is able to assign ip address
to client from some range e.g.
It is possible to do the same with ssh in case
that it is not possible to do it only with one ip?

Is this a local network, inside ?  Are you able to
configure a static IP for this machine?

If not, I wrote a little script that runs every 15 minutes via cron(8)
which gets my IP address, performs a diff(1) against a static file
containing the current IP.  If the IP is different, it mails me the
new IP.  However, this assumes that outside access is the problem,
not internal access.

I have a set of scripts I run when I know I have been handed a different address; they're not pretty, but they change the IP for sshd.conf and various stuff in bind.

                        Robert Huff
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