On Tue, Aug 04, 2009 at 10:39:38AM -0600, Modulok wrote:
> But I'm also looking for a good way to generate high quality crypto
> keys. In the later case, the data being protected are disk images of
> clients...mountains of sensitive data. These will be on USB
> keys, and thus do not need to be memorized. Assuming my clients are
> not enemies of a state, /dev/random should be a sufficient source for
> this purpose, correct? i.e:
> dd if=/dev/random of=foo.key bs=256 count=1

It should be "good enough"... but you need to do so reading on
non-linear key spaces first. Depending on the symmetric cipher,
not all keys are equally strong; and if you're unlucky, you may
catch one of those "bad keys" through /dev/random.

However, this is a fairly advanced crypto topic.

> Thanks guys!
> -Modulok-


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