On Wed, 5 Aug 2009 19:51:00 -0700, Gary Kline <kl...@thought.org> wrote:
>       Been thinking over what someone said recently about restricting or
>       dropping further ports.  BSD is the best opensource system around.  But
>       keeping everything current is painful. 

If you're not running a public or mission critical server - then
don't do it. I've used a 5.4 installation for many years without
any problems, and without the need to update something. But I'm
crazy anyway. :-)

> Does anybody know if PCBSD is as
>       pushbutton as, say, Ubuntu is? 

Quite. You won't have major problems because English already is
your native language. If you're comfortable with KDE and will be
using the PBI installer (read: "Push Button Installer"), it can
be a fine system. Even OS updates are distributed in PBI format.

> I'll always use FreeBSD on my DNS,
>       apache22, and mail server side.  Zero crashes in 7 years.  But if I want
>       to play music or watch a DVD--or do serious web video stuff--I use 
> Ubuntu.

"Serious web video stuff" - how many contradictions does this
statement include? :-) No, seriously: Especially if you rely on
"Flash", Linux doesn't seem to be as... well... problematic? as

>       I'd like to say kilowatts by having one "tao" that can handle everything
>       from hacking code to playing a movie.

That's FreeBSD to me since 4.0, but I have to admit that my needs
haven't yet grown to all the "modern web media" stuff...

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