Not sure how to reply to the threads on the freebsd lists, but will
probably post there with an update to all this soon.

I did do the ole' switch of jumpers (two times as I didn't know which
posts were designated for MASTER - trial and error I guess). So now the
system sees the CD-ROM as the Secondary Master (which is a good thing
I'm supposing)

And I did take another poster's advise in burning the ISO image at a
slower speed (4x is as low as I get), but I'm still at a point where the
system responds with:
Boot from ATAPI CD-ROM:  Failure...
No /boot/loader

I assume that ATAPI is the model of the CD-ROM the system found. But,
the 'Failure..." has me stumped. Is it possible that although the system
(and FreeBSD) recognize the type of CD-Rom I have, but FreeBSD just
doesn't support it [Creative Infra1800]. I admit when looking at the
supported hardware, I didn't see Creative on the list - but then what's
up with ATAPI?

I apologize. A lot of my questions are rhetorical in that I just need to
'vent' (if I don't talk to myself, then I type to myself). And as
another poster put it 'Don't throw out the old machine, just have
patience' - as you've stated also. I have patience (and an occasional
temper). Although my hostility factor towards this so far is only at
about 3.

Thanks again, and if you have anything else to add (not to my misery
please), feel free.

Scott McClellan

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