> Identry wrote:
>> During the boot sequence, it freezes at the statement:
>>     Trying to mount root from ufs:/dev/mfid0s1a
> Try downloading and booting the livefs environment (I think you need cd1
> and the livefs cd or just the DVD) and see if you can mount it from
> that, if not it could be a controller issue. If you can then its
> probably your OS/kernel but at least you now have access to your
> data/configs etc etc not to mention you could try extracting the GENERIC
> kernel from the install media (use the install.sh script in the kernels
> directory.)

I've booted the install CD1 and found something called 'fixit' mode.
I've been googling, but can't seem to find any info on 'fixit'. Is it
possible to use this instead of a livefs disk?

BTW, this is a 6.3 system.

-- John
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