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> Put another way: I want a reliable, backed-up file-server before
> playing around on my "workstation" that would be a separate
> computer.

The default installation of FreeBSD covers most cases.

> I want to build myself a "sand-box" so I don't have to worry
> about breaking stuff that is unrelated.

You could be interested in FreeBSD's jail subsystem.

> Another way of asking the question:
> How much of a learning curve is configuring FreeBSD (for Samba, NFS,
> DVD burning (backups) expected to be?

Depends completely on you. On your knowledge, experience, the basics
you're familiar with, and the paradigms that you have lived in that
make you expect certain things to work.

Samba - find a good tutorial that covers your needs.
NFS - same
DVD burning - install dvd+rw-tools and read "man growisofs", especially
              the EXAMPLES section.

> Am I reading too much because of a learning disability, or do I
> really need to read and understand that much detail? 

No. You just have to understand the things that are directly related
to your requirements. For example, I know how to set up a PCL printer, 
but I don't know how to program in PCL. :-)

> I have some experience with Dos/Windows, and Linux (mainly Debian
> based).

Should be fine. But keep in mind that FreeBSD is not Linux, allthough
there are many similarities. And FreeBSD is not DOS. And it does not
look like DOS. :-)

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